zondag 4 april 2010

Where have all the good men gone? (Dulce de Leche Coffee)

Although I enjoy life as a single woman most of the time, sometimes I do wish I had that someone special in my life. Someone to tell how your day at work was, an arm around your shoulder when you're sad. Scott and Senna, my dog and cat, are always happy when I come home, but it's not the same!!

In everyday life I don't meet a lot of men: dating a colleague is not an option for me, but even if it were there's actually nobody at work that I am attracted to and all of my male coworkers are either married or at least 15 years older than me.

Where else can a single girl meet men? How about at the gym? Good idea!!! If only my face wouldn't turn all red whenever I work out and the sweating part doesn't really turn me into a flirt-machine either!

Also I'm not the type of girl to go out to a bar and pick up guys there. I'm way to shy for that!! And when I go out, I tend to go out with friends and I like to catch up with them and dance. My attention is not focussed on guys when I'm out with the girls!

So I started Internet dating.... No-one I know personally has actually met their boy/girlfriend through this medium, but I thought I could at least give it a try! I met my last boyfriend throught Internet dating, so why shouldn't I be able to find a nice guy again?

Well, it seems like all the nice guys are no longer online, but there's plenty of weird guys available. And when you think you've found a nice guy and you've started dating him, you soon find out he's a creep!

For example: my latest dates were with a guy that lives in an apartment building across the street from me. I've met him a couple of times and eventually ended up in his bed. Now I feel like all he wants from me is sex and that's not what I'm looking for. This week he even sent me a text message asking me for a pair of used-panties, stating that it would turn him on. Well, this did the opposite for me: it turned me off.... Gross!! Why would you even ask that of a girl you've only just met??? This only made me more sure that he's absolutely not the guy for me!!

I'm not quite sure how to tell him this though, how would you deal with a situation like this?

So, I guess I'm back to Internet-dating again, or maybe not. I'm not sure yet. To make me feel better I decided to try something someone suggested to me last week: have some Dulce de Leche in my coffee. It was absolutely delicious and supereasy to make!!

Dulce de Leche Coffee

Make yourself a cup of coffee, as strong as you like to drink your coffee
Add 1 tbsp of Dulce de Leche and stirr in well
Add some hot milk (I like my coffee with hot milk, so this step is totally optional)
Top with some whipped cream

2 opmerkingen:

A Year on the Grill zei

It is a tough world out there... took me to my mid 40's to find Ms right...

Hang in

Me! zei

My reaction is 'oh god, why would you do that to yourself' with regards to dating in general so I'm probably not what you are looking for for comments. That being said, I know lots of more normal people who won't ask you for you used panties who have tried online dating. Good luck! At least you have a good cup of coffee, which I think is so much better than any date could ever be! (Of course if you had that coffee on a good date....)