dinsdag 6 april 2010

TWD: Cocoa-Pecan Marbled Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream

Another week, another Thursday. This week was different though: this week I attended my brothers graduation! He finally finished college and is now officially graduated as a journalist! So I baked this weeks recipe especially for him.
Congratulations Harm!!

Erin of When in Doubt...Leave it at 350 picked Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake for this weeks TWD recipe. I used Pecans instead of Walnuts and cocoa instead of the coffee, I also turned the bundt cake into cupcakes and to make them extra special I topped them with Dulce de Leche Buttercream.

Go check out Erin's blog for the recipe. Find out what my fellow TWD-ers thought of the bundt cake here!

35 opmerkingen:

Nickki zei

Now your talking! They look fantastic, well done! I just couldn't enjoy this cake, but I think I messed around with it too much.

Pamela zei

DDL buttercream?!? That's one lucky brother! Nice job.

Grumpy & HoneyB zei

Marthe, Congrats to your brother! A great looking treat you made for him....especially with the dulce de leches! yumm!

vibi zei

Loooove the frosting... a nice and fresh change in a day full of bundts! Bravo!

Leslie zei

Oh my, what fabulous changes you made!! I love how your cupcakes look, I bet they were delicious!

cindy zei

Love the cupcake/chocolate idea, the buttercream is beautiful! Love the quote on your sidebar from Sis.Hinckley. She was an amazing lady.

Melissa zei

Those are so pretty! Awesome job!

Jeannette zei

Mmmmmmmm... if only I would have saved the dulce for something else.... but it just didn't survive that long!! good job on ingenuity!!

Lisa zei

That dulce de leche buttercream looks out of this world! I have some home made ddl in my fridge. How do you make it?

Tia zei

pecans? ddl?
what a great take on this weeks' recipe. great job!

The Mortensens zei

I love your creativity! Your cupcakes look fantastic!

The Mortensens zei

By the way, what language is this? It reminds me of German, although it obviously isn't. Dutch perhaps?

Kimberly Johnson zei

Beautiful cupcakes! I'm still hoarding my DDL for buttercream. I'm waiting for the right cupcake along!

A Year on the Grill zei

I have seen a few of these today... By far, yours is incredible.. the best!

spike. zei

wow- I bet the DDL buttercream put this over the top! nice work

Marthe zei

@Lisa: recipe for the DLL buttercream frosting will be posted later this week :)

@The Mortensens: It's Dutch, I'm native Dutch :D

@Dave: You're sucking up now ;)

The Mortensens zei

Oh The Netherlands--what a beautiful country you live in!

Flourchild zei

The frosting looks so good and so pretty! Im glad you enjoyed them.
I made muffins.
Congrats to your bro!

Lauryn zei

WOW WOW WOW!!! Those look so fantastic! I want one right now!!! :)

Katrina zei

Ooh, fabulous looking piped buttercream! I think these needed some kind of sweetness on top.

Clivia zei

Gorgeous cupcakes! And that icing - wow!

Anoniem zei

you had me a dulce de leche buttercream. drool.

~3 Sides of Crazy~ zei

These were awesome weren't they? I love how you turned them into cupcakes!

Amanda zei

OOooooo dulce le leche buttercream??? I'm sold!

Erin@The Sweet Life zei

Wow! I am jealous of your brother. Those cupcakes look delicious!

Romaine zei

Very nice cupcakes. You went all out!

margot zei

Beautiful job on the cupcakes! Dulce de Leche icing sounds amazing, what an inspired idea.

Congrats to your brother!

Sweet and Savory zei

It is absolutely beautiful. You are talented.

Anoniem zei

They look great with the buttercream piped on top! I hope your brother enjoyed them.

Susan zei

Wow! Those look so good. And, that buttercream sounds amazing. :)

Lynnylu zei

Perfect cake for a celebration and so beautifully decorated! Wow, what talent you have!

Cathy zei

These look INCREDIBLE, Marthe! Dulce de leche buttercream - that is brilliant!

Erin zei

Fantastic use of a muffin pan and dulce de leche. The cupcakes are so cute :)

TeaLady zei

Well, glad you didn't change the recipe much. LOL!!! Cute little cuppys.

tell your bro - well done!!

Jess zei

This cake was so great on its own - then you took it over the top with dulce de leche buttercream! Beautiful little cakes.