dinsdag 13 januari 2009

TWD: some like it HOT....

and I'm one of those people!! This was my lucky week, because Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake picked the Savoury Corn and Pepper Muffins as this weeks recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie!! I just didn't know when I would actually eat these.... They didn't sound like a typical muffin and to pair them with a cup of tea seemed extremely odd.

To avoid any mishaps I decided to go and have a look at the P&Q's for the muffins. Big mistake!!! Because after reading all the entries there I (like another couple TWD-ers) had a sudden craving for chili!!! I added an extra 2 tablespoons corn and used a bit more of the red bell pepper than the recipe stated.

Because I never had cornbread or any kind of savoury muffins before I didn't quite know what to expect of these..... I was pleasantly surprised: I just loved the combination of the sweetness of the sugar and that kick in the butt by the jalapeno pepper!! These were perfect with the chili con carne. Since my parents were also eating chili last weekend I brought some muffins over to them. My mom didn't care much for them, but she never has been a fan of the whole sweet-and-spicy-combo. My dad absolutely loved them!
I will be making these again!!!

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15 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I'm glad you liked them! The spice was a good change.

Kristin zei

What a wonderful looking dinner!! I really liked these too.

~Chris~ zei

That whole plate of food looks wonderful!
Thanks for the TWD welcome. :)

Pamela zei

Great job! The muffins look perfect with the chili.

Cathy zei

I loved the sweet and spicy combination as well! I agree that these would be WAY better with chili than with tea. Your entire dinner looks great, starting with your muffins!

Jacque zei

I'm glad you got to experience something new.

Your chili plate looks delish!

Ivette zei

Even though I forgot to add the corn I really liked the flavor of these muffins. Yours look really tasty and your chili con carne looks delicious!!

Anoniem zei

I wish I'd made mine with chili, now that I'm reading about everyone's delicious combination. Next time!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer zei

Your dinner looks wonderful! Nicely done!

Linda zei

I also loved the spice and the fresh additions of corn, peppers, and cilantro. I'm going to follow your lead and increase the fresh veggies next time. Now that's a great looking meal!

Rebecca of "Ezra Pound Cake" zei

Ah, you got such a lovely golden color out of these. Nice job!

Marie Rayner zei

Your muffins look wonderful Marthe!!! Especially with that tasty looking chili!! Way to go!!

Susan @ SGCC zei

Your muffins looks so tasty and festive! That chili looks pretty darn good too! Great job!

LyB zei

I'll be making these again too. Yours look great! :)

kimberly salem zei

they look great, and so does that chili :) glad you enjoyed them!