vrijdag 24 juli 2009

Anyone interested in participating in a Gift Exchange?

Next week will be my one year bloggoversay. And I will be celebrating!! Just wanted to ask you guys for some advise.... Last November I participated in the a TWD Holiday Card Exchange, which was a blast: everyone that participated was coupled with another TWD-baker and sent them a postcard and/or small gift.

As I love receiving postcards I thought it would be fun to exchange some postcards with a small gift. Instead of a giveaway I thought everyone could win in this swap. The postcard/gift could feature something that is typical for your town/region, have a certain theme or it could even be a handmade gift swap. It wouldn't have to cost a lot... Who doesn't like being cheered up with a gift in the mail??? All international bloggers will be welcome.

Please let me know if you would be interested in such a gift exchange and I'll email you about the details!!
Deadline is 30th of August!

10 opmerkingen:

slush zei

Count me in!

Marie zei

Sounds like fun Marthe!! How wonderful that you will be in Austria soon! I really enjoyed my visit there and would go back tomorrow if I could! I think you'll have a wonderful time!

Ellie zei

I am interested! Send me details please!

Cakelaw zei

Hi Marthe, count me in for the gift exchange - I also find it great fun, and I like "meeting" new bloggers this way.

Jennifer zei

i'd love to participate!!!!!

Marthe zei

@ slush & Marie: You both should have received an email from me and Elfster by now...

@ Ellie & Cakelaw: I'll send you the info later tonight!

@ Jennifer: Could you please email me your emailadress as I am not able to view your blog???

natalia zei

Ciao Marthe can you count me in ?

Min zei

Yes, I'm interested, this sounds fun too. You have my email!

TeaLady zei

sounds like a great idea - count me in, too.

Cakelaw zei

Hi Marthe, I received my parcel today and have posted about it. Thanks for organising!