woensdag 15 juli 2009

My late TWD: Brioche Blueberry Tart

Yesterday evening I finally got around to making the brioche dough for this weeks TWD. When I wanted to add the filling today I found out that my plums where no good any more. What to do? I still had some beautiful blueberries in the fridge and some blueberry rhubarb jam that I brought back from Canada: a lovely combination!

I made half of the brioche dough and used my four mini-tart pans. I baked the tarts 10 minutes uncovered and 7 minutes with a foil tent. The dough was cooked to perfection and the blueberries were nice and succulent. Brought some over to my dad and he loved these!

The recipe can be found here at Chez Us, don't forget to check out the TWD blogroll!
Next weeks TWD recipe: Raspberry Blanc-Manger

8 opmerkingen:

isabelle zei

Your mini tarts looks gorgeous!
Love your mixed blueberries.
Nicely done!

Tracey zei

Your minis are gorgeous! I love that you used blueberries! I also did but then decided to do raspberries with nutella at the last minute. I'm late this week too. I still haven't posted mine.

Nichi zei

Beautiful tart Marthe

Peggy zei

Oh my gosh that looks so delicious Marthe! I wish we were closer and we could share a piece of that while we work our farms on Farmtown together!

vibi zei

Late or not, it's super cute!

Pamela zei

So pretty!! Wonderful job.

farah zei

Oh my goodness Marthe, your tarts look fantastic. It looks so delicious. Your Dad is very lucky :)
Great job!

Leslie zei

Your brioche looks perfect! I love that you used blueberries, especially ones you brought back from your trip!