zondag 19 juli 2009

Hot Hot Hot Enchiladas + being nervous

Last week my mom was out of town: she was volunteering at a horseback riding camp for people with disabilities, both mental and/or physical. So I decided to cook for my dad on Thursday and made him these Enchiladas that I found over at Jessica's blog What's Cooking in the Orange Kitchen.

I must say these tasted good, but the dish was way to hot for both my and my dad. I love my food spicy, but this was too much. Next time I make this I won't use one whole tablespoon of chilipowder, I'll probably start with a teaspoon. Other than the dish being too spicy it tasted great.

Right now I'm feeling a bit anxious about going back to work tomorrow. I found out last Thursday that a guy I knew growing up will be on my floor for a month, he'll be benchmarking our financial department that happens to be on the same floor that I work. This guy was very cute back in those days (although he was not my type as he has blond hair and I wasn't even paying attention to boys back then) and according to my colleague he still is, he was at work last Wednesday on my day off.

The last time I saw I was 12 years younger and 40 kilos lighter. It's not like we were best friends, but our dads were in the same Lions Club, we played field hockey at the same club and we were youth leaders at an International Youth Exchange Camp in Holland for 10 days for which we had to do lots of preparation together and stay on site for 1 days. Do you think I'm being silly to be so nervous about seeing him again tomorrow?

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NQN zei

Oh dear! 1 tablespoon of chili powder sounds very, very spicy indeed. The enchiladas looks scrumptious though :D