zondag 22 maart 2009

TWD: Blueberry Crumb Cake

The first time I ever had blueberries was during my first visit to Canada in 1998, from that day on I was hooked. I can honestly say that blueberries are one of my favourite fruits, but still I have never baked anything with them.

This week I finally had the change to bake with blueberries as Sihan of Fundamentally Flawed had picked Blueberry Crumb Cake for this weeks TWD.

Again I managed to mess up: I totally forgot to add the sugar to the cake mixture..... O well, on to the next attempt: this one succeeded, the coworkers loved it and I liked it too: it looked, smelled and tasted good.

I just had one issue with this cake: all my blueberries sunk to the bottom.....

By the way, I cut the cake into 24 squares and 1 square was only 3,5 WW Points!

P.S. I accidentally deleted the pics from my camera before saving them on my pc....... So no pics this week unfortunately.

37 opmerkingen:

Jill zei

It's always good to keep your coworkers happy with baked treats!

Steph zei

O no! I feel so bad for those blueberries that got wasted.

Engineer Baker zei

Yikes! No sugar might not be a good thing with this cake :) I'm glad things turned out better the second time!

SiHaN zei

Hi Marthe, kudos to yout for trying out the recipe twice! I did too but it was a major flop for me the 2nd time. Had an issue with the sinking berries AND the sinking crumbs. Glad you enjoyed it anyway. the smell was pretty awesome..

kimberly salem zei

good idea to cut it into small squares! the 1/8 size squares were sooo many calories ;) glad you finally got to bake w/ blueberries!

Aubrey zei

Ooooh! Sounds like it was delish!

Coming over from SITS! Welcome aboard!

So Not Mom-a-licious zei

Yummy! What if the next time you bake the cake, you stir it half way through. This way you can make sure the blueberries are mixed in and they may not sink to the bottom. I love blueberries so much! And I love Crumb Cake! So I am basically...in love!
Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community. Glad you are joining us all the way from the Netherlands!

Marie zei

OH dear Marthe!! You must have really been annoyed with yourself for forgetting the sugar first time around! Glad you persevered though and tryed it again. My blueberries sunk a little bit too, but I thought the cake was gorgeous!!

Mrs. Jelly Belly zei

Blueberries are my favorite! This sounds great.

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - so glad to have you join us!

sandy zei

I love blueberries! I bet it was delicious!

Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood:0)

carma zei

I love blueberries! Sounds great. Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome. I know that you will enjoy this vibrant group of bloggers. :-)

angi_b72 zei

Oh how I love blueberrys!!!

Welcome to SITS!! Glad to have you in this awesome blogging community!!!

Jess zei

Wow...I don't know how you managed 24 squares, but nice to know they are WW-friendly! Good job!

Natashya zei

Oh no! Does that mean that you lost the lemon zest as well?
Oh well, there's always next week!

Mamarazzi zei

big fan of blueberries!!

Stopping in from SITS to welcome you. You are going to love being a part of this amazing community of women! So welcome to the SITStahood!

If you have time I am hosting a pretty great giveaway on my blog right now...come check it out!

Leslie zei

I forget to add stuff all the time! I'm glad the second one turned out better. The drifting blueberries do make it a tough pan to clean up!

Maria zei

Glad the second time was better:)

chocolatechic zei

My blueberries sunk too, and I even tossed them with flour.


Flourchild zei

Sorry you blueberries sunk. I really loved this cake. It is one I will have to make again.

Banjo zei

OH MAN I hate it when I delete stuff... Glad it went better the 2nd round! :)

Jennifer zei

This cake was awesome!!!!

Peggy zei

I bet it didn't hurt the taste of that cake at all to have the blueberries sink! At least you made it, I skipped! On to next week

Joy zei

A 3 1/2 point blueberry dish? Sounds like a winner to me!

Welcome to the SITS community, it's great to have you as a SITSta!

n.o.e zei

You've opened whole new vistas of baking with blueberries! I'm glad it was a hit with you and with the co-workers too.

resplendentlife zei

I love blueberries. A cake with no sugar...hmmmm. ;)
Welcome to SITS!


Glad you liked it without the sugar. Blueberries are my favorite fruit too!

Audrey zei

Well, I'm happy to just imagine how good your second cake looked!

pinkstripes zei

Oh no! I can totally see myself forgetting the sugar.

I'm glad you made it again and it was a success.

Jacque zei

I agree, blueberries are up there in the list of favorites. They're also good for you, woo hoo!

I'm glad you enjoyed this.

greedygrace zei

I loves me some blueberries! Blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberrie smoothies... delicious!

I came by to welcome you to SITS!

Rhea zei

Blueberries are SO good for you. So healthy. They're a Super Food.

I wish I liked them more. I think I only eat them in muffins...

I'm here as part of the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member since the start and a huge fan of this awesome women support network. I've read so many fun blogs, met so many amazing women. Welcome to the SITStahood!

Jaime zei

ack, i hate when i forget an ingredient! glad it worked the 2nd time though. did you toss the berries in flour as directed?

Teanna zei

That's awesome that you tried it twice! And that it works out with WW! Great job!

Lillian zei

You cut it into 24 squares? I can't imagine -- I cut it into quarters, and had to hide half of my quarter from the ravening horde that is my family so I could have it for lunch!

TeaLady zei

"SOUNDS" delicious.

Liz zei

I can't believe you've never baked with blueberries before! You've been missing out, girl! Glad to hear that you and your coworkers loved the cake.

mangomissives zei

I love blueberries too but I ended up using diced mango since I had one laying around waiting for me to do something with it. :)