donderdag 27 november 2008

TWD (Thursday with Dorie): Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

Thanksgiving has arrived..... So ofcourse Vibi of La Casserole Carée had no choice but to choose Thanksgiving Twofer Pie! Normally we post on Tuesdays, hence the name Tuesdays with Dorie.

Since this pie is a very good pie for Thanksgiving (you probably figured that out when you read the name....) our fearless leader of TWD L W allowed us to post this recipe late, but it should be posted by the 30th of November. Not wanting to break with traditions (even though they are not mine) I decided that since this is a Thanksgiving Pie I would bake it on Thanksgiving.

This pie actually consists of two pies: a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. First you bake a single crust pie, than you pour the pumpkin filling on top of the crust. Sprinkle the pecans on top and pour the pecan filling over it. And into the oven.....

Once again there are heavenly smells emurging from the kitchen while the oven is doing its job.... When the pie came out off the oven I actually had to restrain myself from taking a piece of the pie immediately. I managed to practice my patience for 30 minutes....

When I scooped one piece out of the pie-shape, some kind of fluid came oozing out of the pie into the empty spot where that piece of pie used to be.... Maybe it should have stayed into the oven a bit longer?? I had already had it in there for 55 minutes.... The piece looks like a bit of a mess.....

As for the taste.... YUMMY!!! I love this pie!! Give me more..... O no, I can't.... I promissed to bring the pie to work tomorrow...... It's nice, sweet, creamy and smooth, maybe a bit too soft. But still: delicious!!!

My everlasting gratitude goes out to Vibi for picking this great recipe!! If you want to check out what the other TWD-ers baked up, click here.....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

7 opmerkingen:

vibi zei

WOW! Nice pie, amazing caramelized top!
Thank you so much Marthe, for participating with me this week!
I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Cynthia zei

Nice - hope you enjoyed.

Jacque zei

Mmmm, yours looks fantastic! Makes me want to take a big out of my computer screen :)

Engineer Baker zei

Even if it's a little underbaked, it looks delicious. Glad it was a hit!

Steph zei

Wow, that looks delicious! I've never made a pumpkin pie before.. too bad I didn't have time to do this week's challenge. Your coworkers are in for a treat!

Kristin zei

Looks great Marthe - I love your pan too! (I have a weak spot for cute bakeware!)

Liz zei

Nice, I like it baked in the square dish! Did you have to make your own pumpkin puree for this, too? You'll be a pumpkin expert soon! :)