dinsdag 11 november 2008

TWD: Kugelhopf

Another week, another Tuesday: time for sweets!! I must say that Tuesday has become my favourite day of the week since I joined TWD. This week we all baked Kugelhopf (pages 61-63 of Baking: From my Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan). This recipe was picked by Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl and can be found here.

I started off deciding I would make miniature bundtcakes: I couldn't find a Kugelhopf-pan here Then I used 1/6 cup of raisins and 1/6 cup of cranberries and let them sit in 1/3 cup of cinnamon liquor over night. I also used some cinnamon-sugar I had leftover instead of the regular sugar.

Since I don't own a stand-mixer (still at the top of my wish-list, but I don't Santa will be that generous this year) I had to mix this with my hand-held mixer..... Unfortunately there was no way the dough wanted to climb up the hook...,. After 20 minutes my mixer started to get really warm and I called it quits.

I added the raisins and cranberries to half of the dough and 1/3 cup of mini chocolate chips to the other half. The first rising didn't take long: about 75 minutes instead of the 90 minutes indicated. After deflating the dough I popped them into the fridge overnight.

The second rise only needed about two hours. Then I baked them for 10 minutes, covered them loosely with foil and baked for another ten minutes. They even continued rising while baking.... I must have done something right!!

My kitchen smells delicious: cinnamon is divine to bake with, but so is chocolate!! Yum... Now for the taste of the miniature Kugelhopf..... The chocolate one was a bit dry to my taste and could have used a bit more flavour/sweetnes, but it was still delicious. The raisin/cranberry Kugelhopf was amazing: nice and moist and a hint of cinnamon.

However I don't know if I'll be making Kugelhopf again: I found the whole process to be quite time-consuming! Be sure to check out what the other TWD-ers cooked up this week!!

16 opmerkingen:

Liliana zei

Marthe, your mini Kugelhopfs looks amazing and I am sure they just as delicious.

Next time I will use smaller molds.

The Food Librarian zei

These are just too cute! I love them all!

MacDuff zei

These look amazing, and the cinnamon liquor idea is killer! Good job. Even if you don't make them again, you can at least count these as a success.

leanne zei

I love your mini Kugelhopfs. I had quite a bit of trouble getting my dough to climb as well. I bake mine tonight and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Judy zei

Soaking the fruit in cinnamon liquor sounds really delicious. Yours look very tasty.

HoneyB zei

The cinnamon one sounds nice!

Carol Peterman zei

Cinnamon liqure soaked raisins- very nice! Your Kugelhopf looks wonderful and I can almost smell that delicious cinnamon.

Steph zei

I like the sound of cinnamon sugar! I love Tuesdays too!

CB zei

Your mini bundts are so adorable! Maybe I would have liked the recipe if looked like your mini cuteness! ;) Glad you enjoyed the recipe!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Rebecca of "Ezra Pound Cake" zei

Look at that pan! Adorable.

pinkstripes zei

Your mini-kugelhopfs look great. YUM!

Natashya zei

Well they look adorable!
I hope santa grants your wishes this Christmas.

Jacque zei

I would have to agree with you about not being sure I'll bake it again. It was interesting, though. Your cinnamon version sounds delicious!

Liz zei

I've decided I definitely like the looks of the mini kugelhopf better than the full-sized versions. I think that soaking the berries in cinnamon liqueur is a genius idea!

Eunice zei

Marthe wow those are toooo cute! I love them. You've got gorgeous pictures on here, darlin!

AmyRuth zei

Kute Kugelhopf's and by hand. Whoa!!!
Great Work.