donderdag 27 november 2008

CEiMB #8: Macaroni and Four Cheeses

This week it was up to MrsBethorama of Supplicious to pick the recipe for CEiMB. She choose Macaroni and Four Cheeses. The recipe can be found here.

Since I never had real Macaroni and Cheese, except from Krafts' one time, I didn't quite know what to expect. Since I live in Holland and thus didn't have all the right cheeses at hand I had to make some cheese-changes, I used Farmer Cheddar instead of extra-sharp cheddar and Manchego instead of Monterey Jack (The local cheeseshop-owner adviced me on the cheeses).

I halved the recipe and decided to make it Wednesday since my friend would come over and have dinner with me before we went to Ladies Night at the cinema (we saw The Women). Although I did like the Mac & 4 Cheeses, I did find it a bit bland. Next time I will use either a bit more cayennepepper or a stronger cheese like gorgonzola. But I will be making this again: to me it''s one of those comforting, wintery dishes!

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4 opmerkingen:

What's for Supper? zei

We thought that it was so bland here too. I think that if I made it again I would try to use a stronger cheese as well.

natalia zei

Ciao ! I never had macaroni and cheese either but I do agree it it a confort food I'll have to try some time !

Peggy zei

I heard this wasn't the best mac and cheese so I did not make it. Sounds like you felt the same way. But it looks good!

Jen zei

I'm glad you liked the mac and cheese. I was not a fan and agree that it was very bland. I do love manchego though so maybe that spiced things up a bit.