donderdag 30 april 2009

Queensday 2009: a day that started festive but ended in drama...

Today is a national holiday in The Netherlands, called Queensday. On this day we celebrate the Queen's birthday and the Royal family always visits one or two towns in Holland. I was suppossed to post for CEiMB, but I won't. As I am writing this post I am watching the television in shock. I never thought that anything like this could happen here in my peaceful little country. I don't quite know how to discribe what I'm feeling, I'm baffled.

Today an attack on the the Royal Family took place in Apeldoorn. A car drove through a crowd watching a parade involving Queen Beatrix and her family, killing four people and seriously injuring at least 13 others. The car crashed into a monument, barely missing the open-topped bus carrying the royals. Dutch officials said the driver, who was seriously hurt in the crash, appeared to have acted deliberately. The only thing known about the man, is that he is a Dutch national aged 38.

This is a picture of the car with the driver in it,
on the background you see the open-topped bus carrying our Royal Family.

My thoughts go out to the victims of this attack, both the deseaced and injured, and their family and friends.

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applecrumbles zei

Tragic. So sorry.

Leslie zei

This is the kind of thing that jars you to your very core. I'm sorry this happened and I hope the injured make a full recovery.


Marie zei

I saw this on the news Marthe! How very tragic. I wonder what it is that motivates people to be so wicked as to want to hurt other's like this. It makes me very sad.

dp zei

I read this in the news yesterday. There's no trying to understand it. My heart really goes out to the victims and families.

Peggy zei

Oh how horrible. No wonder you didn't feel up to cooking. I wouldn't have either! It is amazing what crazy people are out there.