dinsdag 6 januari 2009

TWD - French Pear Tart - part two: and the story continues!

This weeks TWD is special, very special! First of all exactly one year ago Laurie had the inspiration to start the group Tuesdays with Dorie. And what a great idea it was: the group has grown immensely: it now has 370 members! Thank you so much Laurie and congratulations on this anniversary!!

The second thing that's so special is that Dorie Greenspan herself picked this weeks recipe!! She also blogged about it yesterday and so the recipe can be found at her blog.

Somehow I managed to overfill my tart with the almond cream, which caused mayor spillage in my oven...... But other thanh that this is the easiest recipe I ever made that tasted this good!! I will definitely be making this again and perhaps I will try a different fruit in this tart next time.

7 opmerkingen:

kim zei

Glad you liked the tart!! i thought it was delicious too. your pears look beautiful :)

Kristin zei

Can't wait to see pictures Marthe! This was a good one, wasn't it? I just love the sweet tart dough, it is so delicious.

Piggy zei

I'm drooling over your tarts with red wine poached pears... it must be very yummy!

What's for Supper? zei

Your tart looks so pretty. With the red pears.

Jules Someone zei

I love the way the ruby pears look against the cream. Nice job!

natalia zei

I knew you were going to make a stunning tart !!!

Pamela zei

It looks so pretty!