zondag 11 januari 2009


Everything changes, doesn't it??It's 2009 now.... Later this year (hopefully) I will turn 30. Time flies.... It goes by so fast! When I was just a little girl I always imagined myself to be married and have two kids by the time I turned 30. Well.... that didn't happen!!

Last year I celebrated New Years Eve with 2 friends, one of them had a boyfriend and the other one was single like me. Now both of them are in a serious relationship and one of them is planning on moving to another country within 2 years. Two other friends (a couple)moved into their new house around Christmas 2007 and now they're expecting a baby. I'm so happy for them!!

So here I am, turning 30 in 6 months, but no husband/boyfriend or kids in sight... Sometimes it makes me sad.... How different life can be from how we imagine it as kids! I do however have a job I love, my own appartment, a sweet dog and cat and great friends. So, not everything is terrible.

I try to find happiness in the small things and everything I have and not worry too much about the things that lack... Somedays this is easier to do than other days. So here's what made me happy today:
brotherly love between Scott and Senna, my dog and cat
when I got my cat almost 2,5 years ago my dad was convinced it wouldn't work:
he thought that Scott and Senna would fight all the time.
I'm glad these pictures proof him wrong!!!

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CB zei

I am turning 30 in July. EEK! I am not sure I am exactly where I thought I'd be at 30 but I agree that you can't think "what-if". You have to think about "this moment". Looking at my furry bunnies always makes me smile. Simple pleasures right? Happy Sunday Marthe!

dp zei

Being close to 30 is a tough age for women. It wasn't until I turned 32 that I starting really enjoying life as an adult. Before that we are going to school, starting a career, maybe even a family. But by the time we are into our 30's we know who we are. Having a job you love, living independently and having great friends is wonderful. The other stuff will come and you will be prepared for it when it does because you are stable in other parts of your life.


Kristin zei

Oh Marthe! I wish I had something uplifting and insightful to say, but I am not that good with words. Chin up! Keep focusing on the things that make you happy. I always feel "things happen for a reason" and events will happen in your life as they are meant to. Nowadays 30 is very young! (I'm 37 so I feel like you are still a baby!) I'm glad I've gotten to know you through TWD. Who knows what this year will bring??