vrijdag 2 januari 2009

National Blog Posting Month....

So in November this started popping up all over my bloglist: NaBloPoMo - people blogging every day, not missing a day, for an entire month. 'Interesting', I thought.... 'I wonder how the can keep up with that!!'

December was a terrible month for me, blogwise: very little posts due to sickness, being busy at work and not feeling up to blogging. So I decided to change this in 2009 and write more... What better way to do this than with NaBloPoMo??

For January I will try to blog every single day. Since I have lots of recipes that I tried but not yet blogged about, this shouldn't be too difficult, right??? Well, we'll just wait and see.....

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CB zei

Fun! I did it in November and it was a fun experience. Can't wait to see what you write this month! PS. I can't remember if I told you but I got your "C" chocolate. HOLY YUM! It didn't last long ;)