donderdag 23 oktober 2008

CEiMB #3: Banana Cream Pie

O Happy Day, my copie of Food You Crave by Ellie Krieger arrived in the mail yesterday: just in time for this weeks assignment that I wasn't making. So you all know how I spend yesterday evening: flipping through the book and droowling all over the beautiful pictures of tasty and healthy recipes!

This weeks recipe was choosen by Heather of Randomosity and the Girl, she picked Banana Cream Pie. At first I didn't want to make todays recipe. Normally when I make pies I go to my parents house and share it with them, but since they are out of town for two weeks that was not an option. But when I saw the fantastic results over at Heather and Holly I knew I had to make this pie.

So straight out of work I went to the supermarket to get me some bananas, whole weat mariabiscuits and gelatine, the rest of the ingredients I had in stock. We don't have graham crackers here, so after some Internet research (you gotta love Google!!) I found out I could use these whole weat mariabiscuits and used 12 of them for the pie crust.

Unfortunately the supermarket didn't have powdered gelatine, in fact I don't think I have ever seen powdered gelatine in my life: I only now the gelatine in sheetform. So I wasn't quite sure how much gelatine to use, I ended up using three sheets.

I'm not going to write down the entire recipe here, It can be found on page 276 of Food You Crave. The recipe was surprisingly easy: first you make the pie crust out of the biscuits, some butter and very little water, push it down in a pie plate, bake it for about 10 minutes and let it cool down.

Then you dissolve the gelatine in some water, you make a curstard out of egg yolks, non-fat milk, sugar, flour and vanilla essence. Mix in the gelatine water and let the custard cool down. Divide the sliced bananas over the pie crust.

Poor the custard over the crust and bananas and put in the fridge to set for 3 hours. Whip up some low-fat cream with a little sugar and pipe on top of the pie. Enjoy!

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Heather B zei

Great job! I'm so glad you were able to make it! It looks delicious!

Gabi zei

Lovely banana cream pie! Nice to be with you in CEiMB!

CB zei

That is so intersting - gelatin in a sheet! I think thats one thing I love so much about blogging, learning new foodie things around the world. Glad you were able to bake up the pie! Great job!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Peggy zei

Oh that banana pie looks good. My hubs would love it. I, however, am simply drooling over the penne with squash!!

whats4supper zei

Who knew gelatin came in a sheet? Not me! Thanks for the b-day wishes for my son.

Jacque zei

It's funny that you say you've never seen powdered gelatin. I'm the opposite, I've never seen it in sheets. I tried like the dickens one time to find some around here but couldn't.

Anyway, your pie looks yummy! I was just thinking the other day that I haven't made BCP in ages.

Nice work!

Steph zei

Yum! I've never had banana cream pie before, but what can be better than something creamy!!

HoneyB zei

I love banana cream pie!!