zondag 15 november 2009

Pumpkin Curry with Naan Bread

I've been such a slacker lately, I've been slacking all over the place: blogging, cooking, baking, cleaning etcetera.... Had a lot on my mind. But everything's okay now: the work situation has been sorted. On November 2nd I started my new old job... My contract at the job agency ended and was not prolonged due to the economic situation. However the company I was temping at was so content with my work that they offered me the position I was temping at for the last year. Big Yay!

On to todays dish: Pumpkin Curry with Naan Bread. This dish was featured on the recipe display at Albert Heyn, the supermarket I shop at. It's a vegetarian dish and I thought it would be perfect for this time of year, the recipe can be found here (in Dutch!).

This curry is quite easy to make and actually one fo the first dishes in which I got to use the stalks of coriander. The pumpkin I used had thin husk and it wasn't necessary to peel it, because the husk gets soft when you stew the pumpkin

This is a delicious vegetarian dish, it tastes really smooth and subtle. I expected it to have a bit more of a kick somehow. This dish contains 430 kilocalories per portion and 8,5 WW Points

Pumpkin Curry with Naan Bread
(4 portions)

1 small pumpkin (AH puur & eerlijk biologisch)
30 gram butter
2 onions, quartered
2 tbsp currypowder
200 ml water
15 gram fresh coriader, leaves finely chopped and stalks finely chopped but kept seperated
450 gram frozen peas
300 gram greek yoghurt
1 package Naan Bread Garlic & Coriander (Patak's 4 pieces)

Cut the pumpkin in half, remove the threads and seeds and cut it into pieces. Melt the butter in a pan and cook the onions for 3 minutes. Add the currypowder and pumpkin and stir fry for 5 minutes.

Add the water and coriander stalks, cover the pan and stew the pumpkin for 10 minutes. Add the frozen peas and yoghurt and bring to a boil untill the peas are warm.

Prepare the naan breads according to the packaging and cut them into long slices.

Serve the pumpkin curry with the naan bread and top with the finely chopped coriander.

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Steph zei

Marthe, I'm glad you came back for a post! I'm not a huge curry lover, but I'm obsessed with pumpkin.

congrats about the job

natalia zei

Ciao Marthe ! I'm very glad your job is set now ! I hope you will have nice colleagues and I'm sure they will appreciate you very very much !!