donderdag 24 september 2009

CEiMB: Black Bean Mexican Pizza

This weeks CEiMB has sent me looking all over town for one special ingredient... Black beans! Joanne of Apple Crumbles picked Black Bean Mexican Pizza, since I love both Mexican food and Pizza I knew I was in for a treat!

Apparently black beans are not eaten a lot in the Northern European cuisine. I wasn't able to track these down at the regular supermarket and even the Turkish supermarket that I go to for 'special ingredients' didn't have any canned black beans, just dried black beans so that's what I bought. I soaked about 200 grams of beans in some water overnight and cooked them for about 30 to 40 minutes the next day after which I made the black bean dip.

I topped each tortilla with black bean dip, tomato pieces and some grated cheese and popped them into the oven. When they were done I topped them with cilantro and lettuce and servedthem with sour cream. Yum!! Absolutely delicious, I will absolutely be making these again!!!

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P.S. I just now found out that I screwed up the dates for the recipes, this was actually last weeks recipe... Oops....

4 opmerkingen:

AppleC zei

Your photo is great! It looks so good.
Glad you were able to find the beans...I think I would have substituted with any other bean I could find.
Thanks for your comments and cooking along. Doesn't matter that it was a week late..I always check twice because I mix the weeks up as well.

Imafoodblog zei

Your pizza looks wonderful! That is so weird that you couldn't find black beans, they are everywhere in the States. Great job, glad you got to make this one.


margot zei

That looks delicious! I love Mexican food, but try not to cook it too often since it's not too healthy; yay for healthier option!

Anoniem zei

this looks fantastic! :-)