dinsdag 22 september 2009

TWD: Cottage Cheese Puffs

Welcome! You came here today to find this weeks recipe for TWD, picked by the lovely Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes. Jacque chose Cottage Cheese Pufflets, which caused the first problem for me: what the **** is Cottage Cheese? I wasn't able to find this in the supermarket, my options were Ricotta or Hüttenkäse so I turned to the P&Q section to check if I could use any one of them. I soon found out either would be a good option so I picked up some Ricotta.
After a weekend of postponing I decided to start making the Pufflets yesterday evening. Well, I have learned an important lesson: don't put off making the TWD-recipes!!! Why not? The sticky dough drove me crazy to the point where I just gave up.....
So, no pictures of the Cottage Chees Puffs as they are not done yet, I will try again later today so stay tuned!

3 opmerkingen:

natalia zei

I'm sorry Marthe ! Are you all right ? I hope you nad Scott are !! love

Flourchild zei

I all most threw the dough away too..but I finally got it rolled out. Im sorry you had to waist all those good ingredients! Next week should be better!

Cakelaw zei

Sorry to hear that - looking forward to seeing how they turn out.