maandag 10 augustus 2009

Time for a change and another update on Scott

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This morning I stepped on the scales and it shocked me: I weighed 104,0 kilos. Not good..... It's time for a change and another blog. I will use Minimizing Myself to write down everything I eat: the good, the bad and the ugly. I will still be posting the recipes here.

I will not quit all my online cooking/baking groups, as they provide me with relaxation: I enjoy baking too much and am not willing to give up this hobby. However I will limit myself to two recipes for Tuesdays with Dorie per month. MS: Cupcake Club is only monthly so that should be fine. I will try to 'ligthen up' the Barefoot Bloggers recipes as much as possible and pick healthy options for my Taste & Create. Craving Ellie in My Belly should be okay as we only make healthy recipes there.

Now for the update on Scott: during the stomach echo the vet discovered that Scott had no tumors! However his galblatter was enlarged as were the arteries around his liver. The vet took two biopsies from the liver, now I have to phone them Thursday for the results.

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Cakelaw zei

Hey, I know where you are coming from. Since I joined TWD, I have seriously put on weight that I had kept off for 5 years. However, I also find baking relaxing. Good luck with it!