donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Results of Scotts Blood Test

Today I woke up at 6 am although I had taken the day off and could sleep in if I wanted to. The minutes seemed to creep by so slowely until it was finally time to call the vet: she told me to call between 1.30 and 2.00 pm.

Unfortunately all is not well with Scott..... The blood test revealed that his liver values are way too high, this can be because of lots of things: bacteria, infection, virus or perhaps a tumor. The next step is an abdominal echo and maybe a biopsy if they do find some sort of mass.

So it's back to the vet tomorrow morning at 10.15 am. Poor Scott has to be sober then, so no food or drink and he is not allowed to poop or pee.

I'm assuming whatever he has will be treatable and cureable very easily. I hope that everything is going to be okay as I am not ready to live without Scott yet and neither is Senna or the rest of my family!

12 opmerkingen:

Tracey zei

Oh no, poor Scott - sorry to hear that. Hope you get good news at the vet tomorrow.

Marie zei

HOping all will be ok with Scott. What a beautiful pooch. We have a border collie as well, and they are lovely pets.

applecrumbles zei

My thoughts and blessings are with Scott. I hope to hear he is up and 100% in a few days. I hate it when our pets are sick. They can't tell us anything except act like something is wrong.
Fingers crossed.

pastrybrush zei

I hope things get better with your little man. I know how it is to go through that. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Pamela zei

I'm very sorry about the news on Scott. Hopefully, all will be easily remedied and things can go back to normal for you! Thinking of you!

lasinthekitchen zei

So sorry to hear about the results of Scott's blood test. Hopefully it's something that can be taken care of with meds.
He looks adorable!
Hope you receive better news from the vet.

Amanda zei

Oh gosh, you almost have me in tears here. :( I am sending out good vibes for Scott, bless his heart and yours **HUGS**

jillbert zei

Good luck at the vet. I hope there is an easy treatment and he's feeling better soon. He looks so sweet, and your cat is very pretty!

margot zei

Oh, the poor little sweetie. Best wishes for your vet trip tomorrow.

Anne Lossing zei

Sending my best wishes to Scott ... poor guy ... I trust all is easily rectified and he is back to normal soon.

natalia zei

Dear Marthe I really hope the echo went well . A s soon as you know something let us know !

Jaime zei

awwww I hope your baby is ok! hopefully it is a simple infection that can be treated with antibiotics