maandag 18 mei 2009

TWD: Fresh Mango Bread Muffins with Pecans and Coconut

After missing out on all last weeks challenges I really looked forward to participating in this weeks TWD as Kelly of Baking with the Boys picked Mango Bread for us to try.

I halved the recipe, used a bit more cinnamon and a bit less ginger. I soaked the raisins in apfelkorn for about 10 minutes and added 1/3 cup of chopped pecans and 2 tablespoons of shredded coconut to the batter to get a more pronounced tropical taste. Then I divided the mixture over some muffin liners and baked them for about 20 minutes. Next time they need a bit less time in the oven as they had a bit too much of a tan on them in my opinion....

This time I forgot to add the lime zest and am afraid that at one point I forgot to half the ingredients: I can clearly remember measuring the whole 1/2 cup of packed light brown sugar and adding it to the rest of the dry ingredients, so I guess my muffins will be a tad sweet this week. I'll get back on the flavour later today after I sampled a muffin! Update: these were absolutely perfect: nice and moist on the inside with an occasional piece of pecan, yum!!
The coconut however was hardly detectable.... Maybe I'll add some more next time!

My halved recipe actually made 24 muffins, it always amazes me when I get way more muffins from one recipe than Americans. I'm not exactly sure what this means... MaybeI'm frugal or American muffins are simply enormous!! Anyhow, one of my muffins contains 3 WW points.

Go check out what my fellow TWD-ers thought of the Mango Bread here!
Great news by the way for those of you who are not members of TWD but want to be: the group's accepting new members!!! If you're interested, go check out the rules here.

32 opmerkingen:

Liliana zei

Great idea to make muffins - they look wonderful!

Marie zei

Your muffins look great marthe! Perhaps I would have liked this better as muffins.

Steph zei

Sometimes I forget when I halve ingredients. It sounds good with all your additions.

The Food Librarian zei

Oh, what a nice change to make muffins! These turned out too cute. I just realized I forgot the lime zest too!!

AmyRuth zei

You are right, some American muffins are way too giant. Yours look just right and you are smart to portion your recipe. I am sharing my calories with a neighbor but I really like it, maybe a little too much. That's why I'm sharing .. he he he Wasn't it just so comforting and sort of homey? Great job and thanks for stopping by.

What's for Supper? zei

They look delicious Marthe. And your pics are fabulous!

Audrey zei

Coconut! What a great idea, especially since my mango bread reminded me of carrot cake for some reason. And I was expecting this to be more tropical, somehow, anyway, so it would have been.

spike. zei

american muffins are enormous! pecans and coconut sound like nice additions

Peggy zei

I love that you added nuts and coconut to this. I bet it was delicious!! And I loved that you made muffins. Great job Marthe!!

Anoniem zei

Your muffins look delicious. I'm sure that extra kick of brown sugar can be counted as a happy accident.

Maria zei

I love the added coconut!

Teanna DiMicco zei

Those muffins are ADORABLE! I LOVED this bread!

Amy zei

Oooh yum! Great sounding add-ins! These look beautiful!


Anoniem zei

Love that you soaked the raisins in liquor - great idea! Your muffins look fabulous!

chocolatechic zei

I wondered if someone would use coconut.

I also backed off on the ginger. It isn't my favorite spice.

I also didn't add raisins...blech...

Nancy/n.o.e zei

I can see that this recipe would be really good with coconut. The pecans were delicious in it.

Flourchild zei

Yum cute tasty muffins. I had to cut the time way down when I baked the bread.

Banjo zei

They look beautiful! I wish I had added more cinnamon to mine. :)

Tammy zei

I forgot the lime zest too. Muffins was a great way to go

Anoniem zei

I'm glad they turned out even if you added too much sugar. They look great! Most of food in America is too big :)

Kim zei

Cute muffins. I'm glad I found your blog. My mom and grandparents live in Holland. We try to make a visit every couple of years. Americans do like to do everything big which would explain giant muffins.

Anoniem zei

Your muffins look soo tasty and cute! I don't think they look too tan at all!

Pamela zei

Oooh...coconut!! You did go tropical and it was a great idea. I used nuts too and I think they were great in the bread. And you're right, American muffins can sometimes be gigantic. :o)

farah zei

Marthe, these look great! I love the idea of the coconut and i think i'll try that next time :)

Jacque zei

It's probably that American muffins ARE big. There was a time when they were massive, seems like they're slightly back to more human-sized portions now.

Anyway, your muffins look yummy!

Elyse zei

Awww, I'm sad that the coconut wasn't really detectable. Either way, though, these muffins look absolutely fabulous. I love that the flavor ripens with time. Man oh man, I wish I could have one of these muffins right now!

Eat My Cake Now zei

Coconut and pecans great idea. Looks delicious! Great job!

Leslie zei

These look delicious, Marthe. I think the coconut would be a terrific flavor with the mango. I wonder if American muffin tins are larger?

Kelly D zei

I am glad you liked this. I don't know what that was you used for the raisins but I am sure it was good.

Clivia zei

This recipe just cried out for coconut. And, yes, North American muffins are huge, often the size of a brioche.

Erin zei

I love the muffins- they look great!

TeaLady zei

Muffins were a great idea. And the additions sound great.