dinsdag 5 mei 2009

TWD: bite-size Tiramisu Cupcakes

Tuesday is the sweetest day of the week! And this week I was extra excited because Megan of My Baking Adventures chose Tiramisu Cake as this weeks recipe. Tiramisu is one of my all-time favourite dessert, I love tiramisu! Last year I made about 3 different variations of tiramisu: the standard tiramisu, an orange tiramisu (these were made before I was into blogging) and a strawberry-white chocolate tiramisu. I really like making tiramisu because you can make them in advance and the tastes will only get better when it sits in your fridge for a day.

I thought the cake would be a bit bland, so I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the flour. Instead of kahlua or amaretto I used Bayleys caramel, I found the cutest little bottle at the liquor store that contained exactly 3 tablespoons of liqour: 1 for the syrup, 1 for the filling/frosting and one for me to enjoy (I felt like rewarding myself for losing two kilos last week and thought one tablespoon of liqour wouldn't do to much damage....).

I didn't feel like making one big cake and thought that a regulat cupcake would still contain loads of calories, so I decided to make bitesize cupcakes. After the second batch of minicupcakes however I ran out of minicupcakeliners, so I ended up with 24 bitesize cupcakes and 12 normal cupcakes. I didn't fill the cupcakes, add finely chopped chocolate or add the espresso syrup to the mascarpone mixture. I simply topped the cupcakes with the filling and decorated with chocolate coffeebeans and cocoa powder.

At the P&Q-section for this recipe Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia suggests making your own mascarpone as it can be an expensive ingredient, she talks about a recipe form Addicted Sweet Tooth. I don't know the prices over in USA, but over here 250 grams of mascarpone cost € 2,39, which would be $2,95. Not very expensive in my opninion compared to creamcheese, however I am intrigued by the thought of making my own mascarpone so I might give it a go next time!

Also next time I make these cuties I will probably double the filling as I thought the ratio cake:filling was too small..... I prefer more mascarpone and less cake! The coworkers really loved these as did I. I'm thinking about tweaking the recipe to make it more summery so I can make them for my tea party in July, so if you have any suggestions: I'm open to them!

The normal-size cupcakes are 5,5 WW Points a piece, the bite-size cupcakes are 2,5 WW Points a piece. If you want to know what the other 229 TWD-bakers thought of this recipe, go here.

Now on to a different topic: Natalie of What's for Supper is hosting a fabulous giveaway in celebration of Mother's Day, she's giving away the cutest pink and brown purse from her moms Etsy shop Flying Needles. Go check out the giveaway here, just don't enter: that purse is mine!! Can't you see my name is written all over it???

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Kara zei

Oh very cute. This is what I should have done. What I did was actually split, coat, and fill 2 dozen regular sized cupcakes. Waaaayyy too much work. I like your method much better! :)

Leslie zei

OK, these are the cutest thing ever! I love the idea of making cupcakes from this recipe, and I agree more filling is better, especially when it's so tasty.

Megan zei

I love the cupcakes! What a great idea - and I'm so glad you loved the dessert as well. Coffee and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

Engineer Baker zei

How absolutely adorable! I love the chocolate coffee beans too. Kudos on the weight loss as well!

Jill zei

Your minis look great! The caramel Baileys sounds like it would be really tasty with this recipe.

Pamela zei

Congrats on your loss at WW and thanks for posting the points on this dessert! I did make it, but I'm not a huge tiramisu fan. Cute mini cupcakes, though! The people you work with must love you!

steph- whisk/spoon zei

how sweet! they are adorable!

vibi zei

Those are too lovely, Marthe!
Oh! how it is true at this very moment, that the best things come in small packages! LOL ...the smallest actually! lol

Insanely cute!

Amanda zei

Looks delicious! I LOVED this cake, it's one of my favorite TWD recipes! Stop by my blog and see my interview with Dorie! http://amandascookin.blogspot.com/

Craving Ellie in My Belly zei

Adorable! I also made cupcakes instead of a huge cake.

Marie zei

Your little cupcakes look wonderful Marthe!

Cristine zei

How cute! Great job!

Clivia zei

If I made cupcakes, I'd miss the filling. Yours looks lovely, with the little coffee bean on top!

Sabrina zei

Great idea for the bite size cup cakes!! They are adorable! Nice job!

AmyRuth zei

Very cute little cakes. Points you can count on. I think I saw a fruit variation from Giada. You could probably find it on foodtv.com I like your creativity and I'm a little worried about the lack of syrup soak.

spike. zei

I love the chocolate covered coffee beans on top!

Teanna DiMicco zei

Oh man, tiramisu over here is so expensive! $7.00 for just 227 grams! Your cupcakes are TOTALLY adorable and I am absolutely going to try this in cupcake form!

Bria zei

Your little cupcakes are so cute! Thanks for the comment on my blog- I'll definitely have to try Tiramisu soon!

*kathleen* zei

oh very beautiful.

myfamousrecipe zei

I love your baby tiramisu cupcakes. I've never heard of Bailey's caramel, but it sounds like the perfect addition to this dessert. Great job!

Jennifer zei

Absolutely precious!!!!

Flourchild zei

Ahh your mini bite size tiramisu is darling. Im glad you liked this recipe.

Kayte zei

How very sweet are these little bite size wonders? So elegant! I cannot imagine knowing how to make all those kinds of tiramisu...you are the Tiramisu Queen! Great job, really pretty cupcakes.

SiHaN zei

Yep. THat's why I did mine in cups. double the ratio of mascarpone to cake ratio. It was all too good too!

chocolatechic zei

Your mini's are just way to precious!

And your ring...gorgeous!

carmencooks zei

Your little tiramisu cupcakes are so cute!

Joy zei

Your cakes are beautiful! I love the chocolate covered bean. Just adorable!

pinkstripes zei

ooh i love the mini tiramisu cupcakes. YUM!

Beryl zei

Those are adorable. Great job!

MacDuff zei

Oh...strawberry and chocolate tiramisu??? I'm lusting for that!!!

Sweet as Coco zei

Marthe- These look fabulous! I agree...I like more cream to cake ratio myself. ;)

Tammy zei

I love your little cupcakes - so cute!

Nancy/n.o.e zei

Aren't those the most adorable mini cupcakes!! I'll bet they were tasty. That filling was delicious.

What's for Supper? zei

Hey Marthe...yours look perfect! Good call on the Baileys as well. I also love your signature on your photos.

Eat My Cake Now zei

They are so cute!
And I agree, more filling is better!

The Food Librarian zei

These are so cute! I love the idea of making them into cupcakes.

Gabe's Girl zei

WONDERFUL post and truly amazing cupcakes. They are so posh!

TeaLady zei

Cutie Cup Cakes. Great job.

Heather zei

I just love those cupcakes - they should be a huge success at a party. Great language! - I can speak Afrikaans from S. Africa so enjoy reading your language so much - it sounds very similar.

somethingsweetbykaren zei

those are so cute, love it! i wish i would've made cupcakes.

Steph zei

Those look super cute! I love Bailey's!

john zei

I love the cupcakes! Great idea.. What a great combination of colors and flavors. Coffee and chocolate is one of my favorite. It looks so beautiful & so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing.

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