dinsdag 15 juni 2010

MSC: (Naked) Strawberry Cupcakes

On May 29th I read an article online at www.nu.nl in which the author wrote about how healthy strawberries are: apparentlty they protect against nutritional diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart and vascular disease.

How fortunate that Sherry of Sherry Starts Cooking had selected the Strawberry Cupcakes for this month’s Martha Stewart Cupcake Club! This is the first time I visited Sherry's blog and in the first sentence of this post I found out we have something in common: she got her wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, one of mine was pulled today: no fun!!!!

These cupcakes were a breeze to make, I halved the recipe and ended up with 24 cupcakes instead of 16. I guess the Dutch eat smaller cupcakes than the Americans. I made the recipe on Tuesday and wanted to bring them into work on Thursday. So when the cupcakes had cooled down completely I popped them into the freezer. I pulled them out early Thursday morning so that they could thaw while I made the Strawberry Meringue Frosting to go on top.

Unfortunately the strawberries I had saved to go into the frosting had gone bad and were of no use to me whatsoever. What to do?? It was to early to go to the supermarket to buy some whipped cream for topping instead, as it wasn’t open yet. I decided my coworkers would have to eat naked cupcakes! And they liked them a lot, they didn’t even feel there was something missing!! Check out the recipe over at
Sherry Starts Cooking and visit MSC!!

P.S. Stay tuned for a couple of giveaways this week!! One will be posted tomorrow, the other on Friday.

10 opmerkingen:

Rebecca zei

Yum! Your naked cupcakes look good. I thought the cupcakes were delicious on their own.

Sherry G zei

Sorry about the rotten strawberries, but i agree the cupcakes were good naked too. (I ran out of frosting at one point and tried them that way)
Ughh I am in so much pain post wisdom teeth operation. Can you believe I'm fighting this sans pain killers! I still can't!
Thanks for baking with me,

TeaLady zei

They WERE just as good naked as frosted. Reminded me of a good strawberry muffin. I had frosting fail, so we ate most of them sans topping.

Cupcakes and Sundry zei

I used the same cupcake liners for my cupcakes this month. The cupcakes were great alone, kinda muffiny though. Your's look awesome. Look forward to baking along with you next month!

Bri zei

Hope you feel better! My 18-month old has been devouring these cupcakes "naked." They're great both ways!

margot zei

I'm sure the cupcake already had plenty of flavor with the berries, sounds like your co-workers didn't miss the frosting at all.

Hope you're feeling better. Having wisdom teeth pulled is no fun.

Nina zei

Looks great naked!

Jeannette zei

naked cuppies are sometimes the best. i'm not a fan of frosting, which is why i topped mine with strawberry coulis.

they look great!!

Peggy zei

So sorry about your tooth! Hope you are feeling okay.

Renee zei

There's no problem with naked cupcakes! These cupcakes were certainly good enough to eat just on their own!