woensdag 16 juni 2010

Giveaway: Guess this Food!!!

Yes, it's time for another giveaway!! Last weekend I was in Spain and picked up some lovely goodies, one of which is pictured above and below. But what is it???

Guess what food you think is in the picture and leave me your answer in a comment. I'll pick a winner from the correct answers. Deadline is Friday June 25th, I'll post the winner on Saturday June 26th. Good luck!!!

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Kristel zei


noskos zei


Peggy zei

i'm betting it is some kind of fruit. Prunes? Maybe olives?

Andrew's Mom zei

Yes, those are truffles.

AppleC zei

It's a black truffle. Spain is one of the main producers of these little delicacies. Lucky you!

Annelein Design zei

Truffels!!! Tja... de ene vrouw is gek op sieraden en de ander houdt van .... truffels!

Ik kwam eigenlijk op je site via een linkje met "favourite things". Ik zag daar een foto van Zwolse balletjes. Maar... ik heb geen idee wat dat is.

Courtney zei


Ani Masi zei

Looks like Black Truffle Oil with truffles floating throughout.

lulu zei

black truffles!

Mary zei

Truffles! What are you going to use them in?

Sherry G zei


Teresa zei

Black truffles ^_^

Kristine Michelle zei

Looks like Truffles to me also!
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Peggy zei

I thought a truffle was a chocolate puff of sweet stuff. These look like they are in a syrup or oil??