maandag 10 mei 2010

TWD: Mini Quick Classic Berry Tarts

When I turned 30 last year I had an afternoon tea party at home, the next day I took the leftover cupcakes and brownies with me to work. A couple of my coworkers were so enamored with my baked goodies that they asked me if I would consider baking some things for them to share with coworkers for both of their birthdays. Of course I told them that I would be more than happy to oblige.

Summer came and went, as did Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter and several other special days and I had totally forgotten about my promise until my coworker approached me last week and asked me if I still wanted to bake for them. I had to check my schedule first to see if I had enough time and then said yes. My coworkers really wanted something chocolaty and two other fruity options. For chocolate I made brownies, I also made Dorie's Yoghurt Lemon Cake.

For the final fruity treat I decided to adapt this weeks challenge for Tuesdays with Dorie. Christine of Cooking with Christine picked Dorie's Quick Classic Berry Tart, which I loved!! This tart actually combines two delicious recipes: the sweet tart dough and pastry cream. I doubled the tart dough recipe and baked the tarts in my mini cupcakes/muffins pans covered with foil for 15 minutes and an additional 10 minutes without the foil, I ended up with 38 tart shells. The tarts I served at my coworkers birthday at work were topped with raspberries and blueberries. For the ones at home I used up my leftover blueberries and strawberries: huge hit!! Everyone loved them even if I did forget to add the drizzle of jelly on top of them!

The recipe can be found at Christine's blog. For tips and tricks I suggest you read the P&Q. Go check out how my fellow TWD-ers tarts turned out here and leave them comments is you like what you see/read!

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Nancy/n.o.e zei

Ooooh, I love the way those minis look. Wonderful idea to pipe the pastry cream, makes it look so fancy. I'll bet your coworkers were thrilled with that menu - some of my favorite recipes!

Kayte zei

Yes, please, I will have a red one and a blue one. These look absolutely delicious and delightful. I just love minis...I always feel I can have a mini (or two in this case as they look so good).

TeaLady zei

Great idea to pipe in the cream. Love that you made minis. And they look fantastic. You can bake for b'day any day....

kristen zei

These look delicious! No wonder they were such a hit with your coworkers.

Mary zei

Your mini tarts are gorgeous! The blueberries really show just how tiny they are (unless you had huge blueberries!). What lucky colleagues you have!

Tia zei

soooo cute! I love them I want to eat them all :)

Marthe zei

@ Nancy, Kayte & Tealady: I have a thing for mini baked goodies, can't help myself ;)

@Kristen: Somehow my coworkers always like what I bring in, even when I'm not to sure about it...

@Mary: the blueberries were actually quite small compared to the ones I saw in Canada during my last visit! But they're average-sized here.

@Tia: I could eat one for breakfast right now, if only I had some left!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella zei

Oh that is so sweet of you to make these darling little treats for them! I'm sure they adored it-they look fabulous! :D

Flourchild zei

Im sure your coworkers are going to loved all that you bake for them. Your mini's are super cute! Im sure they tasted wonderful!

Romaine zei

Wow--you piped the cream? What a great idea! Like the crust to cream ratio in the mini tarts.

Nickki zei

Your mini tarts look so good! I think I'm going to have to get some of those mini tart pans :-)

Clivia zei

I'm envious of those perfect little tart shells. your desserts look lovely! Lucky co-workers.

miss kate zei

so precious!!! Love them.

Mary Ann zei

I love your minis. bite size and perfect!

Rachel zei

So Cute! Great job!

Anne zei

Oh your little minis are absolutely adorable! Awesome job!

Cristine zei

Minis are a great way to go! Thanks for baking along with me!

Linda zei

Lucky co-workers --- your cute mini-tarts are a perfect festive b-day treat!

vibi zei

Those are super pretty minis Marthe! You are so nice to share with your coworkers!

P.s.: Thank you so much for noticing my presence on Foodie Exchanger... made me feel warm inside!

natalia zei

Ciao marthe I'm sure the party was great mostly because of your wonderful baking !! Love

Leslie zei

Aren't you sweet to bake for your coworkers! Your little minis look so cute (and those are officially the biggest blueberries i have ever seen!)

The Mortensens zei

I love your minis! They look tasty! :)

Mimi zei

Great minds think alike! I love you mini's. Your co-workers are a lucky group.

Teanna zei

Your mini tarts are adorable! I absolutely love them!

Valerie zei

Your mini tarts are adorable! I'm glad they were a hit! :)

Jodie zei

Cute little tarts!

Heather Davis zei

What a great idea to the pastry in your muffin tins. They look gorgeous! Your co-workers are certainly very lucky.

Jacque zei

Wow, those blueberries are huge.

Your tarts look fantastic! Perfect for a party too where slicing isn't required.

Piggy zei

Your coworkers are very lucky to have your baked goods. Your mini tarts look adorable!

Nichi zei

super cute tarts!