dinsdag 25 mei 2010

An impression of my road trip to Pfronten-Steinach (Germany)

Last weekend was spent with my mom and our two dogs. I asked a friend to take care of Senna, the cat, and my mom put enough food in the fridge to last all weekend for my dad. Okay, I was exaggerating just a little bit: my dad took care of himself the entire weekend.

We got in the car at 6 am and drove for about 9 hours, including several stops on the way to take out the dogs, have some drinks and eat. We were on the road heading for Pfronten-Steinach, which is situated in Allgau, southern Germany. We stayed at a friends hotel and had a lovely view of the Breitenberg from the balcony of our room. The room was perfect: enough room for the two of us and the dogs.

Saturday morning was spent shopping in Fuessen where we managed to snap up some bargains and enjoyed all the magnificently decorated houses.

Of course we had to enjoy some Apfelstrudel with Vanilla-Rum Sauce on a terrace in the sun.

Some time was spent in a shop where they sold typical German outfit, like the Dirnd'l and Lederhosen shown above.

We then took the Breitenbergbahn up the mountain, Scott (left) and Joey (right) where a bit scared in the gondola going up but they were perfectly fine during the ride down. They had a blast up on that mountain and really enjoyed running around.

5 opmerkingen:

TeaLady zei

Sounds like you and your Mom had a great trip. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful colorful houses. Wonderful food.

I just ordered that spaetzle maker myself. We can learn together.

natalia zei

How wonderful Marthe ! it must have been great !!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella zei

Aww everything looks so charming there! Gorgeous stuff and I would love to try spaetzle again sometime-it's been too long between bowls! :)

Jacque zei

Oh my! That sounds way more fun than staying home and making banana coconut ice cream pie. Thanks for the great pics!

A Year on the Grill zei

i love these slice of life posts... great time, and especially fun to take time to be with your Mom...