dinsdag 23 maart 2010

TWD: Dulce de Leche Duos

Since I've posted this post late and I won't be able to pick a winner until Friday as I won't be home until really late on Thursday, I decided to extend my giveaway until midnight CET on Saturday March 27th, 2010. So if you want to win a set of 4 multi-coloured Le Creuset prep bowls and a Nordicware Multi Mini Bundt Pan, go enter here!!

Now on to the important stuff, the reason why you came here..... Tell me: what's the strangest thing you've ever cooked in your life? For me it's cans.... You see I needed dulce de leche for this weeks recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie: Jodie of Beansy Loves Cake picked Dulce de Leche Duos, she posted the recipe here. To make and fill the cookies a can of dulce de leche was needed. Ofcourse I couldn't find any here in The Netherlands, I guess this was this weeks 'mystery ingredient'!

But luckily Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen foresaw this problem and gave us several options on how to make your own dulce de leche and dedicated this months Tricks for Treats to show us ways to make our own dulce de leche, thanks Julie!! I opted for cooking two cans of sweetened condensed milk and used this method.

The dulce de leche reminds me of a Dutch product called Bebogeen, some googleing gave my this information on Bebogeen: Dutch Wikipedia says Bebogeen was developed because there was no butter available in the northern part of The Netherlands after the World War II. Sugar beets were processed into a sweet spreadable caramel topping for bread. Bebogeen does not contain fat, but it does contain lots of carbs and can be considered as a Dutch version of the Latin-American dulce de leche. Bebogeen was also mentioned on several other websites/forums, such as in this article about dulce de leche on Absolute Astronomy.

I still have quite a bit of dulce de leche leftover, any ideas on what to do with it?? These cookies were delicious, I sandwiched half the batch with dulce de leche and served the other half as they were. For me the unfilled cookies were already sweet enough, the filled ones were too sweet!!

Go here to find this weeks Leave Your Link to see who made the Duos and what they thought of them!

24 opmerkingen:

Nickki zei

They look delcious! Glad you like them :-)

chocolatechic zei


So glad you found something to use.

Valerie zei

Beautiful cookies! Dulce de leche is great spread on graham crackers or warmed up enough to use as a sauce for vanilla ice cream.

sarahe zei

they look great!

jillbert zei

They look great! I think the leftover dulce de leche would be good on ice cream!

CB zei

Oooh I have SO MANY ideas for my leftover DDL. I'm leaning towards a DDL cheesecake right now. What you thinking of?

Dee zei

Amazing, when I was little I used to adore condensed milk between crackers.

I had no idea that this was the basis for dulce de leche which I love too. Who knew.

alvarosa zei

Hey Marthe,
if you still got some Dulche de Leche left: Elizabeth from Cake or Death wrote down a brownie recipe by David Lebovitz:
I haven't made this one, but usually everything he offers is quite wonderful!
She has also a recipe for Dulce de Leche Pecan Bites on the same page.

And Isabelle of Eat my Cake now posted some time ago Cocoa-nana Cupcakes with Dulche de Leche
and a recipe for Banana Bundt Cake with Dulche de Leche (if you speak french...)

Maybe that helps...

Ashley zei

I used Julie's slow cooker method to make my dulce de leche too. This cookies were divine! There are lots of uses for leftover DDL - drizzle it on just about anything (especially good on ice cream), use it to flavor cupcake or cake batter, top cakes or cupcakes with...

Jess zei

Those look great - and how nice to have a locally made substitute for dulce de leche!

Cathy zei

I want to try making my own ddl next time. Maybe it would be good over ice cream? I thought these were on the sweet side too, but fun to try!

Leslie zei

They look great! I've heard the dulce de leche ice cream is to die for, but I haven't tried it.

Mary zei

Hi Marthe,
Thanks for stopping by! Your cookies look nice, much nicer than mine did when I made the original recipe. That's why I made a second type of cookies--I just couldn't rest until I got something I liked:-)
Try the rest of the dulce de leche on bread, crisp cookies (not too sweet), or on ice cream, like Valerie recommended. I sometimes just have a small spoonful from the jar...
Oh, and a bit added to cream before whipping makes a lovely caramel cream. Enjoy!

Erin@The Sweet Life zei

Looks great! You can use leftover dulce de leche in lots of things. You can swirl it into cheesecake before baking, or just drizzle some on top. Or use it as an ice cream topping...or as a swirl in homemade ice cream! I very briefly considered putting some in my coffee this morning. The possibilities are endless!

Romaine zei

Interesting writing about the Dutch version of Dulce de Leche. I wonder how much butter is in Dulce de Leche. Seems rich. Nice job with your cookies.

cakewithfrosting zei

dulce de leche reminds me a lot of caramel sauce--ice cream anyone?? yummy. Thanks for visiting my blog!

margot zei

Your cookies look like they turned out perfect! Interesting information about the Dutch equivalent of DDL. I couldn't find a jar of DDL, either. Luckily we learned it's easy to make!

TeaLady zei

/drizzle it on ice cream. Or better yet make ice cream WITH it. Personally right out of the can is just right. With a big spoon.

Cookies look just right.

SilverMoon Dragon zei

Mmmm, Dulce de Leche. I've made DDL ice cream, and it is sooo good. It's almost Spring over there isn't it? That's good ice cream weather.

I'd never heard of the Bebogeen. Not entirely suprising since I was born and raised in Australia, and my mother doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but it sounds right up my alley! I must try the Dutch specialty shops over here, or perhaps my aunts can send me some... sounds to good not to try!

Teanna DiMicco zei

How can something so delicious have no fat! Your cookies look so good!

Piggy zei

Your cookies look great! I've no idea of what to do with the remaining dulce de leche either. ;-)

Valen zei

I've never had dulce de leche, but I love caramel, so I'm sure I'd love this!

Anne zei

Your look awesome and I liked hearing about the dutch alternative- great job!

Liz zei

Dulce de leche is great on ice cream, or as a spread on toast. I also linked a deeeelicious dulce de leche brownie recipe in my post. YUM!