dinsdag 2 juni 2009

TWD: Cinnamon Squares

This weeks recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie was picked by Tracey of Tracey's Culinary Adventures. I must say Tracye is a girl after my heart: she choose Cinnamon Squares and by now you all should now that one of my favourite spices, if not my very favourite spice, is cinnamon! So you can imagine that I was looking forward to this one.

I actually made this recipe in advance: Laurie, our fearless TWD-leader, was kind enough to send me an email with the chosen recipes for June after I let her know that I probably wouldn't be able to participate that month due to my vacation.

As you're reading this I'm in Paris, France!! I spent the last three days in Disneyland Paris with my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law. Yesterday evening my mom and I waved my dad, brother and SIL goodbye while they headed home to The Netherlands and we stayed another day to venture into the lovely city of Paris!

13 opmerkingen:

Leslie zei

Your cinnamon squares look so yummy! I agree, this one was a winner. I'm so glad you're off enjoying my favorite city!

Pamela zei

How fun! Have a wonderful vacation in Paris! I've always wanted to go and I'm looking forward to hearing about your fun time. Hope you enjoyed the cake. It definitely helped me turn into more of a cinnamon lover!

Steph zei

Marthe, you are so lucky!! I can't wait to see all your pictures!! I think after this dessert, I like cinnamon a little bit more.

vibi zei

Nice square, nice swirl!
Bravo, Marthe... well done!
Btw... love that manucure! :)

Tracey zei

Thanks for baking with me this week! Your love of cinnamon was a perfect thing for this week's recipe. Your squares look terrific! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Paris (I'm just a bit jealous!).

Craving Ellie in My Belly zei

They look great. Hope you are having fun in Paris. Jealous!

lasinthekitchen zei

I love cinnamon too! =)

Your Cinnamon Square cake looks soo tasty! It looks like it baked really tall and even on top too.

Hope you had a fantastic time in Paris!

margot zei

Your cake looks lovely, and how nice that it's here even while you are on vacation. Hope your are having a wonderful trip!

Marie zei

Your squares look great Marthe! I hope you are having a great time in Paris!!

natalia zei

Ciao Marthe ! Happy vacations !! Beautifully done !

isa zei

Nicely done! Your squares look abolutely delicious! Hope your are having a wonderful trip!

shortbreadsouth zei

Paris, how nice!
Your squares look great - you must have enjoyed them if you love cinnamon that much.

TeaLady zei

Those look yummy.

Paris - beautiful.