zondag 7 september 2008

Blegh... First baking disaster!

So today I thought it would be a nice idea to try out one of the recipes already made by the TWD-group: Brown Sugar-Pecan Shortbread Cookies.

They look pretty good, right? Wrong!!! They are not normal cookies, they are Shortbread Cookies and should look like Shortbread Cookies...... Like these at Sugar & Spice.

Well, apparently you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover so I tried them anyway: They taste really good and have a nice crunch to them, although they do tend to crumble... Right when I took them out of the oven I dusted them with some icing sugar mixed with cinnamon, this is a nice extra touch. (Had I already mentioned that I am a great lover of cinnamon???)

I still have some dough in the fridge and will see tomorrow if that batch will still spread as much after more fridge-time...

2 opmerkingen:

Jules Someone zei

I couldn't get these to work either. Apparently, the trick is to freeze the dough after it's been laid out on the baking sheets. Next time!

Barbara zei

I haven't tried it with this particular kind of cookie -- but freezing the dough after shaping, and before baking, really does help keep cookies from spreading. It has worked for me for several kinds of cookies.