vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

FFwD - Gerard’s Mustard Tart - One Sentence Post

This is my first recipe for this new and exciting group: French Fridays with Dorie and it was Gerards Mustard Tart which I absolutely loved, as will probably everyone that likes mustard although I must say trying to cheat with storebought tart dough wasn't the best idea I had today since I mistakenly bought sweet tart dough and I also accidentally left the tart in the oven a tad too long; the recipe can be found in Dorie's new book Around My French Table, don't forget to check out what everyone else thought of this tart here....

8 opmerkingen:

Nichi zei

That looks beautiful! I have to go get my book Im missing out!

Beth zei

I hope you can read this. I love your pictue and I love that you are so far away. Great tart and beautiful pictures. How fun that you are in this group Yeah!

TeaLady zei

Tart looks lovely. Love that you made square tart. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy you got your book.

Jess zei

Hey, at least you tried, right? I am making mine next week and now I can't remember if the tart dough in my freezer is sweet or not...uh oh!

Shandy zei

Your tart looks beautiful and does not look too brown to me. I think you did a great job and I bet the tart tasted just as wonderful with a sweet tart dough as would a regular tart shell.

Clivia zei

Your tart looks delicious! I'm sure it was great with that crust too.

Jacque zei

oooh, I like you're square tart pan. Nice work!

Kayte zei

Gorgeous...seriously wonderful job on this one.