vrijdag 20 februari 2009

Two of my favourite places to visit..... And the winners of the Pay it Forward Giveaway!!

Now it's time to let you know a little bit more about me and the things I like.....
I love to travel, if I could I would do it all the time!!! I like all the places I've visited so far, among them Berlin, London, several places in Spain, Germany and Italy. But ofcourse I have some favourites..... My favourite city to visit is Paris and my favourite province/country is Ontario, Canada. It's been so long since I've actually been to them, but with a little luck I'll be making trips to both of them in 2009.... !!!

My love for Canada started 11 years ago: I was 18, turning 19, and visited Ontario, Canada for an International Youth Exchange Camp of the Lions. My I turned 19 during my visit and my hostfamily was so sweet: they had actually ordered a birthdaycake for me!!

Since then I have been back twice, the last time was about 7 years ago shortly after Lisa moved to Waterloo. Then 5 years ago Lisa came to visit me with her friend Andrea.

Now I have booked my plane ticket and I will be visiting them in June 2009!

I'll be going to Canada for two weeks in which I would like to stay one week in the proximity of Waterloo, where Lisa lives, and for the other week I want to rent a car and drive up to Montreal.

On the way there I want to stop at a small place called Sainte-Marthe...

I have already visited the beautiful Niagara Falls all the times I've been in Canada,
but probably will go there this time too!!!
If you have some suggestions of places that I should visit, please feel free to mention them here!

My other great love is Paris....

I lived very near to Paris for 6 months when I worked as a hotel receptionist at

Disney's Sequioa Lodge Hotel at Disneyland Paris. During this time I lived in Magny-le-Hongre and tried to visit Paris as often as possible.

It's been almost 7 years since I came back to Holland and I haven't been back since.
I am however planning on going to Paris for a long weekend this year, so when I saw this list of things to do in Paris over at Dorie Greenspans' blog I printed it out immediately!

Again for suggestions feel free to leave me a message!! I have already done the touristic things like visiting the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Notre Dame, etc.

Now on to the most important part of this post: the winners of the Pay it Forward Giveaway.

I used the Random Integer Generator to come up with 3 lucky winners.....

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:3 13 1
Timestamp: 2009-02-21 00:35:18 UTC
Congratulations Marie, Peggy and Steph!

5 opmerkingen:

Marie zei

I am so excited to win your giveaway Marthe! How lucky I am! I love, Love, LOVE the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario. Lots of tasty German foods there and of course Mennonite foods also. When you are there this year ask your friends to take you to Anna Mae's Mennonite Restaurant in St Jacob's which is a small town just outside the city. It's fabulous! You will love it. Homemade meals, pies, cakes etc. and so delicious!

Peggy zei

I never win anything!! I'm so excited. This is a nice give-a-away too. Thanks so much for having it! I feel so honored that I won!! I'll email you. :)

Joanie zei

You have traveled quite a bit. The places you have been are exciting. One of my favorite places is actually Old Quebec because of its cobble stone streets and the changing of the guard at the Citidel. I found your web when I visited another site on the Simple Womans Journal. Love your picture of Paris.

Sweet Charity zei

Lucky you! Two trips...
Sounds like you have most of your Canada trip planned out, but if you get the chance you should come see the western part of the country, specifically the Rocky Mountains!!! They'll blow you away!
As for myself, I'd love to visit Paris again. Hoping that perhaps I can make a trip next year.

Jacque zei

Oh, how exciting for you! You've been to so many interesting places. I hope you have a great time on your upcoming travels. I have been to Montreal, but I don't remember all of the places we visited.

We also visited the Calgary area as well as Banff (gorgeous!). They're nice if you like mountains.