dinsdag 2 december 2008

TWD has to wait....

Sorry folks, no TWD here today. I'm dealing with a nice case of fatigue combined with a flue and a cold. So this is my schedule at the moment: get up, shower, drive to work, work, drive home, eat, sleep...... and the same the next day.

I'm way too tired to be baking, but also afraid to contaminate my colleagues with my germs so no baking the last couple of days.

So: sorry Clara and Kristin, I haven't mailed your packages yet.... I also haven't mailed MacDuffs package yet, because I don't have your address... So MacDuff, if you're reading this: please email me your address!!

9 opmerkingen:

CB zei

No worries hun! Get well soon...

HoneyB zei

Hope your feeling better soon!

The Food Librarian zei

I hope you feel better soon!!! Get Well!

Judy zei

Feel better soon.

natalia zei

Ciao Marthe ! I'm sorry you are sick !! Please check my blog there is a nice give away !

Peggy zei

I hate that you are sick. Get well girl!

Kristin zei

Feel better soon Marthe! Do not worry about the package at all! I'd rather see you baking!

Lisa magicsprinkles zei

Feel better! I hope you're back good as new really soon.

n.o.e zei

Hope you feel better; maybe the weekend away will do you some good!